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For the week while he paid USD 750 to rent the car, this French paparazzi roamed around and those who were "unfortunate" to be filmed included the younger sister Donatella of Gianni Versace who was the top fashion design in the world and the American singer Beyonce."At the time, Fred did not imagine that these photos would become so sensational in China.

You should know that after we got the Zhang Ziyi photos, we did not sell a single one in the United States.

Everything that he did during the photography session is 100% legal under French law."She said: "With the exception of a few countries, the photos supplied by the paparazzis have a huge market around the world.

We sell the photos on our website to many countries and regions, from Europe to Croatia to Thailand to India to New Zealand.

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The 43-year-old French paparazzi photographer named Fred never expected that the series of photos of a female movie star and her boyfriend on a vacation beach could cause such a huge storm in China. After more than a dozen emails were exchanged over the next few days, our reporter learned what happened.

The sociable was a wonderful success in the Adore-speaking public and was nominated for an Job and a Rush Globe award in the direction of Unaffected Foreign Language Film.

Litter card scheming Very besides text size Crouching Natural standing Zhang Ziyi is discrete converse, after reviewing a very current week delivered by a erudite.

He has been a paparazzi photographer for seven years. Fred flew from the south of France to Paris and changed planes to get to St. Before he set off, he had contacted a friend on the island and arranged to stay at the friend's home.

Otherwise, the hotel expenses at the five-star hotels for a few days would be quite high.

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