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This watercolour painting depicts a little girl wearing Regency fashions.Her knee-length frock is juvenile, but stylistically reflects adult modes, its fine white muslin material, low neckline and high waistline indicating the 1810s/early 1820s.Her ribbon trimmings and shoes are sky blue, a popular female colour in the 1800s.A professional Victorian studio photograph, this is a carte de visite measuring 10 x 6.5cms, the favoured format of the 1800s.Visit our store to purchase individual copies of Also useful is our regular Q&A Advice Section, in which we cover two readers’ photograph queries each issue, explaining how to date them and what occasion they might represent.Jayne Shrimpton offers a professional service dating and interpreting photographs and artworks for family historians; local history and genealogy groups; museums and archives; art dealers and galleries; TV networks and production companies.Beyond this, Jayne also considers bespoke projects.

And yet photographs aren’t always subjected to the most rigorous evaluation: too many of us seem satisfied with roughly estimating the time period of our old photographs and guessing at who they may portray, or simply go along with family hearsay, without double-checking the facts.His lounge suit is typically loose in cut, the trouser turn-ups (disallowed under the Utility clothing scheme) suggesting a pre-war suit.Her tailored knee-length coat with wide padded shoulders and jaunty feathered hat (headwear not being rationed) represent early- mid 1940s fashions.It exhibits the characteristics of a mirror at many angles.Once you have determined that your image is a 'dag', several clues can help establish a date range.

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