Who is samantha mumba dating

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Barely three months after he proposed to her on a Californian beach, and just a month after their engagement was announced here, Mumba's fiancé, LAPD cop Torray Scales, is alleged in tabloid reports to be having an affair with a 23- year-old Latina nurse.Mumba is not the first young woman in the world to hear that the man she's engaged to is cheating.

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Her debut single Gotta Tell You saw her catapulted into the charts, reaching the Top 10 in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States.

To have it splashed over UK and US entertainment websites is another matter.

Things that Mumba said in recent Irish interviews to publicise her upcoming role in this year's Gaiety panto, ‘Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates’, now seem redundant.

If we had wondered what exactly Mumba had been doing in LA for the past four years, news of her engagement seemed to answer that question.

As well as taking acting classes and going for auditions, Mumba reported that she was enjoying being a homemaker with her fiancé in a suburb of California, ironing his uniform so that he would look smart going to work as an LA cop.

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    When their expectation doesn’t match reality, they are then more disappointed than they would be if they had met the person earlier on in the relationship.

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    They both met at the Cannes Film Festival where they chatted for a while before exchanging numbers.

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