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The Pope was widely criticized in January when he defended Bishop Barros during a visit to Chile, saying the allegations against him should be classed as "slander" until proven otherwise. At the end of January, he sent the Vatican's top expert on sexual abuse to Chile to investigate accusations, citing new information. The bishops offered their resignation by letter after three days of crisis talks at the Vatican, during which the Pope handed them a 10-page document accusing Chile's Church hierarchy of negligence in sex abuse cases.

He told a Chilean journalist: "The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, then I will speak. Some of the Vatican investigator's findings were included in the report, according to Chile's T13 television, which acquired a leaked copy.

There are plenty of people who you are compatible with in life.

The relationships connections you establish are not guaranteed to last a lifetime, and some relationships do end even if you do not want them to.

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Barros three years ago despite the cover-up allegations. The bishop has repeatedly offered his resignation to the Pope, but it has been rejected several times as he was believed to be innocent of the accusations.

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It is the key principle of all of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the axiom (basis) of the Word of God and a prerequisite and primary requirement for the salvation of mankind.

The exact date and other details related to their separation too are private but the split, however, is sure.

Following her split with Jon, she then found new love in the form of singer/songwriter Justin Ruane. This is something that most people wonder, but the exact date is yet to be revealed by the couple as they too have not spoken much about their relationship in public.

But that does not mean that it is the end of the road for you as you are then open to new options in life. " actress Tracy Spiridakos, who once got engaged and then split with her former fiance, only to have a new dating partner/ boyfriend in life.

So let's take a peek at the love life of this amazing actress.

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