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[Source: Library of Congress *] Ancestor worship is found in many forms in cultures throughout the world, Veneration of ancestors is regarded as a means through which an individual can assure his or her own immortality.Children are valued because they could provide for the spirits of their parents after death.Good Websites and Sources: Traditional Religion in China: Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Religion Facts religionfacts.com; Deities Worshipped by Farmers China Vista ; Mazu China Vista ; Video: “Ancestor Worship, Confucian Teaching, featuring Myron L.Cohen Asia for Educators, Columbia University afe.easia.columbia.edu; Feng shui Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Feng Shui Crazy Ancestor worship is very deeply rooted in China and still very much alive today.

Smith; Asia for Educators, Columbia University afe.easia.columbia] “The basic premise in ancestor veneration was that the soul of a departed family member consisted of a yin component known as the po (associated with the grave) and a yang component known as the hun (associated with the ancestral tablet).If they are not they may come back and cause trouble to the family members and descendants that have ignored or disrespcted them.Unhappy dead ancestors are greatly feared and every effort is made to make sure they are comfortable in the afterlife.One’s own naturally became shen, assuming they received proper ritual attention.It has been said spirituality in China emanates from the family not a church or temple.

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