When did dev patel and freida pinto start dating

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I guess that’s where the whole thing comes from—not wanting to feel like an outsider in my country because they’re not appreciative.] One person said, “She doesn’t look too Indian.”BLANKS: Did you get a lot of that when you were modeling? They were always like, “Don’t worry, something is gonna come your way! BLANKS: I’m sure it’s helped you in your international career. ” and I was like, “Yes, I did.”BLANKS: But Goa used to be Portuguese, so there would have been a little cultural exchange going on. I’m going to do the DNA testing because I’m very curious to know what I have as part of my ancestral heritage.BLANKS: Well, you have a Portuguese name and you were raised Catholic.BLANKS: Do you think you’ve been given a hard time for not doing an Indian production? ” Obviously they get defensive about me because they’re my friends, but they also try to understand the other side to make me understand it better. BLANKS: I can see how it would be a bit hurtful by now.You’ve done all these other things since, for God’s sake.Dev had never done a talk show before—his first was —and he said to me, “You have to come with me and give me moral support.” So it was very much a case of being there for my friend. We were making a lot of mistakes, but we were together, and most of the time our mistakes were looked on as, “Oh my god, that’s so cute.”BLANKS: And that becomes a bond that’s very hard to break.PINTO: I don’t think anybody—not even family or friends—can understand what the two of us have been through.With the tragic tale relocated to Rajasthan, the film will hopefully win the hearts and minds of the one market that has yet to surrender to Pinto’s charms: her homeland, India. It’s India’s way of trying to brush off colonialism and make it what it originally was, but unfortunately for me I called it Bombay for 16 years, and I think that’s a long time in a 26-year-old’s life to automatically start calling it Mumbai. My agent thought Bombay and Mumbai were two different places.But before we get to that, it’s her hometown that requires attention. And I was like, “No, it’s the same thing.”BLANKS: It’s an odd coincidence that, out of six films, you’ve already played two big Muslim characters, in was definitely a very big Muslim role, for obvious reasons.

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” I guess it was when I watched [2003], the Charlize Theron film. BLANKS: So modeling was one step toward that for you? And then there was this tension and pressure of “Now what? I just think it was both of us sitting in the same boat.This year alone she has veered from the intensity of Julian Schnabel’s Israeli-Palestinian political drama , where she plays a primatologist, opposite James Franco.But the part that might come to define Pinto’s immediate future could well be Trishna, Michael Winterbottom’s contemporary revisioning of the Thomas Hardy classic .How did the volatility of the situation affect you while you were making the movie? There was a lot I had to learn, because all the news channels say is “Israeli soldiers” and “Palestinian terrorists”—we’ve already compartmentalized them.But when you go there, and you see the real story, that’s where your journey really begins.

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