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Of course the name server knows the number of your computer, because that was in the packet too.So it sends a reply packet to tell you computer the number it needed. Your computer now knows the number of the web server, .Then you have huge gadgets (about the size of a house) which detects what happens, and what bits fly off, so you can figure out whether you managed to make any new types of particle.CERN is a big place - a few thousand people work there.Not just Unix, Mac and PC: there were all kinds of big mainframe computer and medium sized computers running all sorts of software.I actually wrote some programs to take information from one system and convert it so it could be inserted into another system. And when you are a programmer, and you solve one problem and then you solve one that's very similar, you often think, "Isn't there a better way? " That became "Can't we convert every information system so that it looks like part of some imaginary information system which everyone can read? Actually, it was a grown up who asked this very reasonable question. Behind each link, hidden from you, is the URL of the other web page, the one you'd get to if you followed the link. The one I'm going to tell you about is just used for URLs which start of information.It has used the to find the number of the web server which has a copy of the page.

Well, I found it frustrating that in those days, there was different information on different computers, but you had to log on to different computers to get at it.

In your report, please say where you got them from. That is the physics of really really small particles - particles much smaller than atoms.

This is just one page for kids of all ages so some you might feel the answers are too simple and some too complicated. It turns out that if you want to investigate really really small things, you need huge machines called accelerators to smash particles together really hard.

Your computer sends off the packet to it, saying it wants to know the number of (DNS) server in the network preferences if you really want to know.

When a DNS server looks up a computer name, it either knows it because it has it in a list, or it just asks another DNS server which knows more names.) How does the packet get there? Your computer sends it down the ethernet connection or phone line from your computer, or it transmits it by radio to a base station which sends it down some wire.

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