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Because the question she asked clearly reveals that she is not even open to another take on the issue and probably hasn’t given it much thought at all beyond the assumption that if everyone else is doing it so should we.) I really must start answering more creatively to this question. The easiest way will be with a pill that often causes mood disorders, weight gain, nausea, abdominal pain, cancer and sometimes even abortion.But don’t worry about those, this is my will for you, I just forgot to mention it when the Bible was written.If the Lord were to save them, he would give them a new power to enable them to joyfully live in honour of their marriage vows and obligations. There is a failure to counsel people with biblical principles of marriage.Women who were calling in to that radio programme, talking about constant fights with their husbands, were not being asked whether they were observing the biblical blueprint for healthy marriage relationships.There was a preacher speaking on a live radio programme.He was evidently campaigning for an overnight prayer meeting that was scheduled to take place at his church the next day. Then yesterday, at the Thrift store, a lady I recognize. That question is as tired as jelly shoes and twist-a-beads.(Honestly, I think I’d rather have someone just be truthful and ask me why I don’t use birth control. But after that, you brilliant people will come up with a way to stop them from coming.

It was when he began to tell all the women who were calling in to share their marital problems that they had spiritual husbands who were behind their domestic woes.These are the ones who suffer quietly and are told that they lacked faith or they did not have a breakthrough. Men having marital problems are also being taught about spiritual wives who are affecting their marriages. We have gone right back to the dark ages where we believe everything that “priests” say without checking it with what the Bible says.The only difference is that often it is women who fall prey to such nonsense—as was the case that evening when so many of them called during that live radio programme that my wife and I listened to as we drove home. As in the dark ages, stories doing their rounds are becoming larger than life.If you have either seen yourself swimming (for the most stubborn ones are marine spirits), or missing your menstrual period, or becoming pregnant, or breastfeeding, or vomiting, or going shopping or having sex with a man who is not your husband, or having a miscarriage, or getting married, or about to get killed in a dream, then this is sure evidence that a spiritual husband has entered into your life. If the “man of God” tells you that you are having dreams in which you are having sex with someone and you deny it, he then tells you that your spiritual husband wipes it off your memory through demonic manipulation.As usual, there are many benighted souls who are ready to testify that they went for such deliverance meetings where the “man of God” prayed for them to be delivered from their spiritual husbands and since then their dreams have returned to normal and their marriages are supposedly back on track.

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