Updating etc mail aliases

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This ensures that any message for a host on our local domain is directed immediately to the SMTP mailer and forwarded to that host, rather than falling through to our smart host, which is the default treatment.

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It is often convenient to have a single host on a network take on the role of managing transmission of mail to remote hosts that are difficult to reach, rather than have each local host try to do this independently.This relieves the smart host of a lot of traffic because other hosts can directly send mail to other hosts on the private network.macro allows you to specify the host that should relay all outgoing mail that you are unable to deliver directly, and the mail transport protocol to use to talk to it.Spam in this sense is sort of like the electronic equivalent of junk mail sent to “Occupant.”In the 1990s, with the rise in commercial awareness of the net, there are actually scumbags who offer spamming as a “service” to companies wishing to advertise on the net.They do this by mailing to collections of e-mail addresses, Usenet news, or mailing lists.

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