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DINA is topless and struggles in tight ropes standing and in a chair.

Dina is tied up, gagged while wearing only a piar of pantyhose and one pair for her arms and hands.

This time we show you how to get tied up with plastic wrap: How to properly wrap somebody into clingfiilm.

The goal is to totally immobilize your willing "victim" without doing ANY harm to her!

The eye is drawn from the high heel as most shoe dangling for this purpose is done in heels up the wearers leg and beyond.

Part of the attracti can sometimes be that the onlooker is unsure whether the shoe play is absent-minded, merely playful or deliberately provocative.

Of course she has to tie up and gag her boss each time, to increase his excitement.

Dina expected to be #bound, because that's the way she usually spends her day. #shelfbondage Please You can enjoy watching Helena and Paula dressing up in Zentai Suits before they slide sheer pantyhose over their nylonclad bodies.Pantyhoselover and gingerhead Julia enjoys some nice #nylonencasement with WOLFORD and PLATINO tights.After starting with some layers she decided it would turn her even more on if she is gagged, she gags her self with a beautiful red ballgag. Now she is ready for some more fine hosiery on her skin.She dresses up in a #zentai suit, a black #skirt, #whiteblouse and black #leather #thighboots.A female #zentaininja surprises her and she gets #tiedup with #blackropes. #zentaibondage Nylon encasement: Gini works as a zentai secretary, which means she does all the work a normal secretary does, but has to wear a full body nylonsuit at work.

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