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People using Apple's Mac OS X should use the Mac OS version and double click the file.

People using one of the other *nix OS should double click the file.

Forge can now have it's window minimized to 800 by 600 pixels but this may make the display area cramped and possibly limit your ability to play.

Anyone having this sort of problem should de-install java 7 and install java 6 instead.

Since Forge is written in Java, it is compatible on any Operating System that can run the Java Runtime Environment.

As of version 1.5.65, the content downloader inside Forge requires Java 8(u101), and is the last version to support Java 7 - beginning with version 1.6.0 Forge requires Java 8 (Forge is not backwards compatible with older versions of Java).

If you are running an older version, please upgrade and try to produce the problem again before reporting it. Please keep in mind that "beta" releases are test releases.

Forge is constantly evolving, so we do not yet have "stable" or "production" releases.

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