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Manual focusing isn’t too bad, provided you’re not moving around a ton.The overall design of the Cam Chat HD is solid, although it is certainly missing some features found in more expensive models.The popularity of English is growing, and with the rapid development of the Internet and computer technology intensifies the need to improve English language skills.Therefore, you increase the opportunity to meet more foreigners in the videochat US.Although this camera produces relatively good audio, that’s really only compared with other webcam microphones.Still image quality is decent, but not quite up to par with our top-rated webcams.

The only problem we really have is that the image tends to be grainy unless the subject is very well lit.

This means that the video is slightly less clear and less detailed in general, but it still plays as smoothly as the nicer cameras.

When we tested this cam’s video in lab experiments, we found a few issues but were generally surprised by how well it held up against much more expensive options.

Considering that fact, we found its performance to be excellent.

If you don’t mind a few missing features and a slightly lower resolution, then it is a great choice for a personal webcam.

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