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One of the messages was from a NO WAY guy which had his mobile phone mail address and a message saying “let’s have coffee together sometime.I am REALLY interested in you” to which she shaked her head sadly.Although the speed dating is designed to be an individual game, since we were both sitting next to our friends so the 4 of us started to converse together for the total of 4 min.

(they should really give us a bottle of water, or better yet, a bottle of beer!

ok ok, I must confess, it’s not just my friend who went to the konkatsu party, I went with her.

As you can guess, we were a little hesitant and a little embarassed to attend the konkatsu party, but what the heck. Romance meter: 65% Conclusion: Although speed dating with 35 men can be very dizzy, it’s surprising how 2min quick chat is enough to see if there is any potential between you two, and it seems this instinct is often mutual between the couples… Konkatsu party turns out to be much more efficient, cheaper(at least for us girls), and safer way to meet people than going to a gokon.

And this is not surprising, we use this kind of judgmental instinct everywhere in the dating scene.

Whether in a bar, night club, dinner part, restaurant, or among your friends, we use this instinct to see if he could be your potential object of affection!

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