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The workshop will explore different writing styles seen in Women’s Fiction, tips for your own writing, and ideas for helping your story stand out —including characterization, pacing, and conflict.

In this intensive, we’ll cover almost every aspect of writing a young adult novel from first lines to final edits. There will also be ample opportunity to discuss writing and hyperactive ferrets with award-winning young-adult author Mike Mullin.

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how you felt about your experiences as they were happening.Her presentation will be informational, inspirational and filled with her special brand of cleverness, to get you in a workshopping mood.Networking: “Find Your Tribe” At MWW, we’ve learned the importance of connecting with other writers, for support, to share information, for possible editing of one another’s work, and because it’s just plain fun.[Limit 15.] — Nina Sadowsky This class will provide an in-depth overview of writing for film and television.A mixture of lecture, in-class exercises and screenings will give the participants an understanding of how material is pitched, developed and produced in Hollywood as well as tips for successful screenwriting.

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