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Instead, they have been overshadowed by where and how she chose to share them.

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I think that a quick spanking is more effective and more merciful than many of the mind games that today’s parents feel obligated to administer.While it’s not a CEO’s spacious corner office, a more comfortable workspace is created in which to perform a repetitive, low-paying job without standing for an entire shift.What a novel idea in contrast to what we all see when shopping here. Paul CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER Debating the location and content of comedy routine Regarding the whole brouhaha surrounding comedian Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner: I think Ms.Every month, more than 500 new cases of elderly abuse are reported to the Department of Human Services. Your kid mouths off for the umpteenth time, and you've had it. The question is, do these old-school discipline tools stand the test of time?

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