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Even afterward, when the Yezidi delegation joined forces with the AAS in 2015, the Iraqi position remained unchanged.

As has been seen in the past few months with the Kurdish vote for independence, the Iraqi government fears that claims for independence will threaten the nation’s stability.

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Moreover, unending conflict in the homeland makes mass displacement and emigration the only means of survival for a transnational ethnic, religious, and cultural minority.

Assyrians are not recognized by any constitution or regime in the region as a distinct ethnocultural group, and when they are mentioned, it is only in terms of their sectarian religious identity.

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After the IS attacks on Mosul, media focus on the Arab and Kurdish character of the region erased the Assyrians.

Almost simultaneously, the 35 Assyrian villages along the Khabur River in Syria were attacked; many women and children were taken hostage and held for ransom.

Northern Iraq and the Syrian Jezirah are both currently described as Kurdish-controlled or Kurdish-majority regions.

Hence, there are officially no indigenous peoples of Iraq.

Formal political channels have made Assyrians’ position ambiguous at best.

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