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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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I dont think it would end such a relationship if you loved them but like many challenges in life it could be hard to deal with.

Personally i would like to know if someone was intersex before a relationship became sexual as unwanted surprises might be off putting!!

I did know someone who was intersexed , i always knew her as female as she was my sisters friend and never thought of her any different than female .

As far as i know she remained on her own and became a farmer , dont know about now lost touch in the 70s .depends what we define someones sex by really.

A child who lives his early years up to adolescence with no sex identity could well suffer a lot of confusion and isolation, not to mention bullying.

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Id like to think i would consider them as the whole balance of thier characteristics not just thier specific genitalia, but being a hetrosexual person if there are not enough "female" features to trigger subconcious attraction then i doubt it could work.

Obviously genetics giving you the sex of a person merely means that "intersex" people are just deformed rather than a specific sex.

If you go by genitalia then the answers are not obvious!!

A member of my family has 2 sets of sexual organs but both are female.....she has 2 vaginas, 2 wombs, 2 sets of tubes etc etc.

Medical opinion is that she was originally one of twins and that as a foetus, she absorbed the other.

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