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Some plateaus, like the Altiplano in southern Peru and western Bolivia, are integral parts of mountain belts.Others, such as the Colorado Plateau (across which the Colorado River has cut the Grand Canyon), were produced by processes very different from those that built neighbouring mountain ranges.In the case of some regions described as plateaus, the surface is so dissected that one does not see any flat terrain.Instead, such a plateau is defined by a uniform elevation of the highest ridges and mountains.The essential criteria for plateaus are low relative relief and some altitude.Although plateaus stand at higher elevation than surrounding terrain, they differ from mountain ranges in that they are remarkably flat.

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If the uplifted surface had originally been low and without prominent relief, it is likely to remain relatively flat when uplifted to a relatively uniform elevation.

The high plateaus of East Africa and Ethiopia were formed that way.

As in parts of Africa, plateaus of that sort can be associated with volcanism and with rift valleys, but those features are not universal.

Most of the high plateau in East Africa that holds Lake Victoria does not contain volcanic rock and is cut only by small, minor rift valleys.

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