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Plus, six vintage bowling lanes and, when the weather's more temperate, an outdoor area with another bar, a pool and bocce ball courts.

For an extra , a lunch "set" will get you a bun and an "add-on" to your ramen bowl (i.e., an extra egg, a spice "bomb," or some karashi takana), which is money well spent.

POP was the testing ground for a ramen shop that's now made a permanent move to another location called Otaku Ramen (which we also visited, more below), and also hosted guest dinners with folks like Dominique Crenn (Atelier Crenn), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok) and Ryan Prewitt (Peche).

Now it houses Little Octopus, which, coincidentally, is run by a chef with some Miami roots, Daniel Herget.

The contrast is striking: while Memphis feels a bit stuck in time, Nashville is booming.

The city is experiencing rapid job and population growth, is filled with shiny new public works projects like the massive Music City Center, and the skyline is dotted with as many construction cranes as Miami in the throes of a building craze.

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