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Important By default, the primary recipient email address is used as a globally unique identifier involving authentication (allowing login by email address), the user’s mailbox name, mail delivery configuration, access control and the storage of user profiles.

It is therefore very important that no two entries share a single primary recipient email address. The first item in the list will be used as the attribute to use for primary recipient email addresses.

The recipient policy aids deployments in achieving a level of consistency throughout their recipient database by applying a naming convention, avoiding the need for Kolab Groupware administrators to need to understand and consistently apply naming convention rules.

Consistency is important when considering global address book listings and searches in different contexts, and when anticipating what a valid recipient address for a given user may be – noted that most email users do not have access to your global address book to verify a recipient address is valid, and it is likely that most communications will take place with those users. This is considered inadequate, as many users will experience this inappropriate, inconsiderate and/or awkward – it is the user’s native tongue after all and transliteration is used in every-day life.

If you are getting any reports of email delivery problems, setting this preference to "user sending message" may resolve the issue.

Once this preference is set, the name of the user sending the message will appear in the From field and that user's email address will be used if the message recipient replies to the message.

"dc=farmer,dc=inc" [color=blue] } "cn=kolab,cn=config" - While the LDAP lookup table for domain name spaces will succeed as expected, local recipient maps will not, as they have initially been configured to query the primary domain (and the primary domain only).

server_host = localhost server_port = 389 version = 3 search_base = dc=example,dc=org scope = sub domain = ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap/bind_dn = uid=kolab-service,ou=Special Users,dc=example,dc=org bind_pw = pass query_filter = (&(|(mail=%s)(alias=%s))(|(objectclass=kolabinetorgperson)(...))) result_attribute = mail This is intentional - the alternative scenario creates a potentially disruptive amount of overhead, and eliminates option value for customers.

With the (presumably correct) transliteration rules for German applied, the email address would become .

The email address in the From field will still be a Share File email address and the message will be sent using Share File's mail server.

This may trigger message rejection as well, so we do not recommend utilizing this option unless you are experience deliverability issues.

Only request links that require name and email send upload receipts.

When you set upload or download notifications for particular users on folders, by default, the users will receive notifications about these uploads/downloads in real-time.

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