Rate project radiometric dating

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He has a section on the future of RATE in which unanswered questions will be pursued as special projects, while other major research initiatives are developed.

There is a thought-provoking appendix by the late Henry Morris on creationist peer review.

With U halos, colouration initially develops after 100 Ma worth of alpha decay, becomes darker after about 500 Ma worth, and very dark after about 1 billion worth at today’s rates.

Within the biblical time frame, halos provide further evidence for accelerated radiometric decay.

He argued that overall peer review is needed and quite beneficial to the creationist movement, but there are shortcomings, as most all creationist and secular scientists realize.

There are many assumptions behind radiometric dating, but there are three main ones.

Did the biotite slow helium diffusion out of zircons?

The RATE team subsequently found out, by subcontracting the diffusion experiment to a secular scientist critical of creationists, that the diffusion of helium through biotite is insignificant compared to diffusion out of the zircon crystals.

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After a preface by John Morris, chapter 1 is an introduction by Larry Vardiman giving the history of the RATE project, the key research results, and the significance of the project.

Accelerated radioactive decay sometime in the past is thus strongly supported.

The uniformitarian diffusion rate predicted from the radiometric ‘age’ is about 5 orders of magnitude too slow!

My study certainly was not a waste of time, since the earth sciences are filled with the results of dating methods, which guide many uniformitarian ideas in the earth sciences.

Besides, it helps me review the results of the RATE project.

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