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Peterborough boasts a successful economy which is outstripping the national average, a £1billion regeneration scheme for its city centre and a commitment to building 1,300 new homes a year until 2021.It has welcomed migrants since Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Irish communities established themselves post-war, and has tried to expand to accept the newer Eastern European arrivals.In 2004 groups of Pakistani residents clashed with Afghan and Iraqi asylum-seekers in running street battles which saw cars and houses set alight and windows smashed.Up to 200 youths went on the rampage and police officers from across the county were drafted in to separate the warring factions.But residents fear the estimated 16,000 migrants who have moved to the area since the expansion of the EU in 2004 have placed an impossible strain on their local resources.

Testimonials: I attended the Inside Out conference with Bill Nason with my son's teacher.The funny thing is that not only did I learn more about my children with Autism, but I learned more about myself – I wasn’t expecting that! Stack Autism Ontario Webinars and Video Conferences In addition to those listed below, webinars can be found on our parent site, on the Webinar page.I would love to attend another one of his workshops in the future. Ehlert Bill has so much knowledge and I am very thankful that I was able to attend his workshop. I am hoping he comes back as I would love to hear more! LIVE WEBINAR: INCLUSION - Creating Better Schools for All!It was so informative that I will be busy for the next 6 months researching topics 💙.Bill explained and validated (via confirmation from actual ASD adults) his practices.

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