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Microsoft even sells Windows 8 in downloadable form.

Desktop Linux: Unlike Windows 7 or 8, desktop Linux distributions like Ubuntu are completely free.

@lionmov @theacademy #Oscars2017 #Oscar Nominations2017 #bestactorinasupportingrole.” So proud of you, Dev!

A fine example of what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with .

Sharing a black-and-white picture of Dev, Freida wrote on Instagram, “So proud of you, Dev!

Overnight, the British-Indian couple found themselves doing American talk-shows and attending red carpet events in Hollywood, an experience that has bonded them in a way that Freida claims that no one else can understand.Both of them were born in Nairobi, Kenya, where there is a significant Indian community; they emigrated to England separately in their teens, but only met first in London.He made his screen debut as Anwar Kharral in the first two seasons of the British teen drama television series Skins (2007–2008), landing the role with no prior professional acting experience.It will just become more insecure over time as Microsoft and everyone else stops supporting it.It has been officially supported for more than a decade.

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