No email needed fuckbuddy date

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Everyone is just an extension of them, so won’t everyone just do as they wish? In their imaginations, they never draw a deuce in their high stakes poker game. Another hypothesis is that psychopaths lack fear of personal injury and, more important, moral fear—fear of punishment. The kind of fucked up you need to get the hell away from.

They get to revel in your chumpdom and feel superior, united in their dirty little secret.

” Within The Maybe Zone there are typically two big traps.

There is the Friend Trap (commonly also dubbed ‘The Friend Zone’), and there is the Friends-With-Benefits Trap (sometimes called the ‘F-buddy’ Zone).

It’s not enough risk-taking to just cheat, you have to amp up the drama — you have to flaunt it right under your chump’s nose.

I’m not saying all cheaters are sociopaths — but the sadistic fucks who take delight in the double life, enjoy flagrantly humiliating you, and never think the day will come when they’re found out?

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