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The tall blond is an authority in Germany when it comes to the art of seduction, giving flirting advice on TV and radio. For the migrants, Wenzel is volunteering his time in occasional classes across the country.“A lot of the guys are absolute beginners when it comes to flirting, dating and sex,” he said. The migrants, unsure what to expect, sat with their coats on and their arms crossed, eyeing their cheerful coach suspiciously.He says a half-million Germans follow his “flirt university” blog on how to find Mr. Wenzel chatted about pick-up lines, paying compliments and original ideas for first dates. Invite them to the theater, rock climbing, a concert, or take them on a trip to London or Amsterdam.But her mother feels quite differently and she reluctantly decides to give online dating a try.

One of the students became indignant, whispering in Arabic to his neighbor: “But having sex before marriage is a sin; it’s haram! Asked how to impress a German woman, one student suggested getting ripped at the gym.

Deep in the heart of Bridge 8 II, Huangpu District's awkwardly named attempt at gentrification, we found this ominous flatiron-style building. It's pretty much what my living room would have looked like if I had won the lottery at age 13 (I kinda worshiped Ozzy Osbourne back then). You have to use your powers of observation, pattern recognition and logic to find connections and correlations.

They can come in the form of billiard balls, building blocks, candlesticks, cryptic graffiti on the wall.

"Offbeat" is a Smart Shanghai column about stuff to look at or do in Shanghai that's interesting or weird (relatively, of course), that doesn't fit anywhere else. For lack of a better term, let's call it a puzzle house. Even the stuff you can see out the window on the street is fair game.

It appears weekly, monthly, or maybe even annually, when we're not busy working on other superfluous column ideas. Or this bitchin' still life with a skull in a top hat... It works like this: You and a group of friends are locked in a room together -- no smartphones, no cameras -- and your task is to get out. It's all completely devoid of context or explanation.

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    Getting the right connection is needed and the Through these words on this white space I give to you a small part of myself.

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    Whether they live in Khobar (Eastern Prov.) or Beijing, Inter Nations allows you to be close to them even if they are miles away.

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