Mostly true erotic tales of online dating

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I pulled it down and slid the spaghetti-straps off her shoulder.The gown slipped down without a hitch and I was looking at my prize for the night. pull my face into his pinkish brown sack that carried his precious family jewels...Those perfect breasts, a deep navel, a well formed figure, a velvet skin... It was a rare delicacy to be able to feast upon his royal oysters so when ever served with the chance to do it, I took it. I liked her hot body, her shapely midriff, a flat tummy, a deep navel and most of all a perfect pair of breasts held in place by a bra.

My name is Carolyn and I'm an orally obsessed, sexually insatiable housewife in Toronto. She simply loves to suck and fuck all the time, anytime.

I also, for some reason, really get off on the idea of Jen fucking and sucking other men which she has taken advantage of a few times...

Whether we like watching porn that's straight-up vanilla or with a little bit of kink, a lot of ladies can agree that a bit of extra attention to female pleasure is a wonderful thing.

Some of the names have been changed but the story is still the same...

To impress her black fucker she decided to wear a new sexy dress.

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