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“She’s having boys fight over her, her daddy is throwing her a rager, her outfits are just getting better and better…. ” Valentine’s Day First Look: New Triangle, Puck ‘Threesome’, Brittana Action and More!First turning to the aforementioned boys, as seen in the photo below, Sugar will have both Artie (played by Kevin Mc Hale) and Rory (Damian Mc Ginty) vying for her affections.The book argues that al-Qaeda’s branching-out strategy was not a sign of strength, but instead a response to its decline in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.Franchising reflected an escalation of al-Qaeda’s commitments in response to earl ...Although the introduction of new branches helped al-Qaeda create a frightening image far beyond its actual capabilities, ultimately this strategy neither increased the al-Qaeda threat, nor enhanced the organization’s political objectives.In fact, the rise of ISIS from an al-Qaeda branch to the dominant actor in the jihadi camp demonstrates how expansion actually incurred heavy costs for al-Qaeda.

Forming franchises was not an inevitable outgrowth of al-Qaeda’s ideology or its US-focused strategy.

The al-Qaeda Franchise goes beyond explaining the adoption of a branching-out strategy by exploring particular expansion choices.

Through nine case studies, it analyzes why al-Qaeda formed branches in some arenas but not others, and why its expansion in some locations, such as Yemen, took the form of in-house franchising (with branches run by al-Qaeda’s own fighters), while other locations, such as Iraq and Somalia, involved merging with groups already operating in the target arena.

She has always looked up to her Egyptian grandmother as the biggest influence in her life and the one who taught her how to show love and dedication to her chosen craft.

She once quipped in an interview that she will not be where she is now in the industry if not for her grandmother’s all out support and encouragement.

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