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They call their music 'primitive and personal' and find it hard to work without audience reaction.

Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform.

These are popularly listened to shows because the sound quality is supberb showcasing The Doors sound.

However, the shows are a little subdued for The Doors around this time.

This small club only seats about 100 people and is part owned by Marty Balin of The Jefferson Airplane.

Marty has a reel to reel set up for recording while playing live and The Doors take full advantage of this unique feature.

Tom and Jim will become good drinking buddies regardless of the short lived affair he and Pam had while in New York. Pam kept telling me I was seeing him at far from his best.

It is at this time the band notices Morrison clones, dressed in black leather, in the audiences.

Also performing: Larry Vargo The Doors are now much bigger than just an L. band with many Bay Area followers, but "Break on Through" isn't breaking the top 100 stalling out at 106.

The Doors begin to have their doubts of making it big.

Approximately 5,500 peple are in attendance and enjoy a continuous stream of bands throughout the day long event.

The Doors perform at Gazzarri's later this evening and then for their third show of the day play an after-hours gig at The Hullabaloo from a.m. Review: "The Doors wield a rock 'n' roll beat with continuous jazz improvisation to produce an intense, highly emotional sound.

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