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The mandate of the proposed forces would apparently be settled only if Arab states sup- ported Egypt's plans. You know, the one with a "keep the sun off my eyes" peak yet it still lets my face come shining through. By Betmar of polyester /cotton in white, navy, beige, black, yellow. 6,000 Friendship Clubs On the official level, things look much better. (UPI) — When Cuba moved American strength," he said in dom and it has been doing all itlence throughout Africa.

The elec- tions are being run by the Israeli military government in accordance with Jordanian law. The council's statement said that the Lebanese warfare must be stopped quickly, otherwise it “would ultimately have seri- ous repercussions, not only on Lebanon's security and the safety of its people, but would also tnreaten peace and se- curity in the entire region.” The council, which includes army chiefs, the interior and war ministers and senior secur- ity officers, said the only way Arab countries could act ef- fectively was through “the dis- patch of joint Arab symbolic peace-keeping forces until the fighting subsides and a proper atmosphere is created to end this bloody strife." It did not explain what was meant by symbolic peace-keep- ing forces. For most of the nearly 200,000 American soldiers stationed in West Germany, the Ger- mans are a nation of taxi drivers, barkeepers and bar girls. Popular Movement for the Lib*' .constrained in undertaking an shouldn’t.” jrious because "Cuba is a surro-jeratton of Angola in its ricto- Schlesmger Looks at Angola operation 6,000 miles away in- “I would think it is the re-1 gate of the Soviet Union.” , nous civil war with two other. -March 2Sidicates the decline in awe of sponsibility of the - United King- j which is expanding its influ- nationalist factions. Sround of the Sanal debate budget, the is scheduled military pro- Th authorizes | /eapons and Bind develop- 'anging Con- ~ ■ .

Sunny, mild tomorrow Temperature range: today 37-57 Sunday 44-55. Many Civil Servants Draw Higher Income as Retirees By PETER KIHSS Jcnni»«M.n v:; ^ y-y u,c orea K -ir»s- «ut ne conceded “*ia or aeciarea candi-i By PETER KIHSS strike instructions would he lake a summary mpmh !! ^ ^ was an interpretation that dates was bunched up. Carter behind three others.l (Security benefits, pension plans Ihis final vear nf work » ! We sometimes have to turn them away and then there’s trouble” After a recent incident m which a black soldier and his wife were turned away, Mayor Hamberger called the hotelowner, Peter Lenz. Rj- over T- An ad- n Minister the Minis - ap pointed and have :e in pub- -z, a mem- rgentina’s i as served before, in few years nt of Ar- company. He ted Presi- de Per6n ig officer Minister ulio Juan cial Wel- Pertm's e cause a reap, the ierground 5k office row her. JU\ yuig the ifter her Jgentine she had -rgentine days un- used to ibversive arrested lys after dared a ice, raid- le cattle . Kis- CT63t6tl 3V1u £5 w o T gjfii perfected by our Hill to extend American in- Chefs forthi S volvement beyond Europe, Ja- % • First name for the marl People who care about the martini have given it a first name: TOM ENSt ANO BY ICTBRAHtl, HEW YORK » 94 PR DOF * 1 DON. O Ta insure proper growth end replacement nf your hair it must . 1976 \e Charge Scare Tactics MANSFIELD WARY \d on the Defense Budget OF AFRICA MOVES WMr?

Or, some- times, if it’s , just a single guy, whether he is -green, -blade, or white. In our Designer Shoe Salon, Second Floor Fifth Avenue at 56th Street, New York Scarsdale Short Hills and Manhasset, too! Details below tnit 11 Also, twin, full, queen and king size sets 80” long at proportionate prices. r *° ““F 0 ® 1 * sani MStoma S* , the brigade Power-shanng issue. Consultations are conducted in absolute privacy without charge or obligation.

Bal- lantyne 3d, said: “There must be 300 nightspots in Fulda and there are only a very few that aren’t playing straight with our soldiers. guns had for two ■n electri- ed a con- fer arrest le United mos Aires at which ier treat- - : • .... To wear belted, the bicentennial stripes, or floating free. Fifth Avenue, Manhasset, Garden City, Westchester, Millburn, Ridgewood-Paramus, Stamford, jnnscated e district ... Popular tuxedo-styfe 84” classic in rich beige or brpwa cotton velvet. 459.00, now 299.00 Both have loose seat and back cushions and arm pillows, beautifully comfortable 8-10 weeks’ delivery Off regular prices Seventh floor, Fifth Avenue and branches except St. THE NEW YORK TIMES , MONDAY, MARCH 29 , 1976 ‘ fi mi By BEBNARDWEINRAUB .• : . O Hair grows about ft inch , per mantb vaqfing with tbe Individual's physiological rarte up. m.to235 IK 5 Wvxnm * nw Vm£n U ' nuimraui- nwn - M.'v«£i. 1 * ■ bh ^ Ped J Uf 2P ean stylin 9 vy5fh a double helping of sic entiy and patch pockets.

There’s a hard core of two or three places that I haven't given up on. Especially the yotm$ black, soldier— he has a deal tough - row -to hoe. So yew get', friction, and sometime^ fisti- cuffs." ; The Pony Bar te' one pf the' “hard-core” places ' On : Co4o- , nel Ballantyne’s list.' There Mr. To top pants,, the solid-color earth cloth shirt in blue or gold. Boston, West Hartford, Bala-Cynwyd, Jenkintown, Washington-Chevy Chase, Falls Church, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago Our Madison Group® super firm quilted mattresses and box springs are tailored by Serta and reasonably priced. Innerspring mattress with ij j 312 coils (to the full size), \ with urethane foam cushioning over fiber pad. _ spcdai w n» Hew Tork-TUses- _ -I V BELFAST, Northern Ireland, , feon, Mr. O finnan hair lines not grow continwirely but ratter by a Ueniaring periods of growth and rest s far more information about your- hair and what you can do about keeping it, call The Thomas, World’s Largest' and Foremost Hair' and Scalp Specialists with 40 clinics throughout the United States add Canada.

Center y esterday v^s precedwi anon, Monday, and stem^urban blight. political and fiscai ieaders and conditions, the study said a | Mr . They talked of how the success of the Scarjet Knights had helped the local economy, and of how the team had i Nw Tbrfc timm made everyone feel he was a part of something big. Essentially, the education au- needs of local business and that they will be poured into an thorities are permitted to be industry, the students shrugged, i ndustry or business.” more selective in accepting stu- They said that the invitation to ■ — dents in higher institutions. Fulda Relatively Better “Relations with the sol- diers are a lot better here in Fulda than quite a few other cities I could name,” said its young Mayor, Dr. The appeal was made by Egypt's National Security Coun- cil, which held an urgent meet- ing this morning. « had con- n Congres- v • s Vely Junior nnittee said ^ “concerned hreat,” but - Terence be- ihand, plan- deal. sitting Vj reject the itary spend- 5 from roili- ; j measure of he contrary, put his evrotets, has we do,** they iecided, how- make a major eduction funds . Privately i that it would rob ably would V Coif Set Savinas! Golf Set 2 persimmonite heads and MM 5 chrome plated irons ail with "J Iiy H step-down steel shafts.

Cemi vesrerd^V h S ;«» York Tima York City’s financial burden- A P r D P osa l’ be said, poll were the following: tions between the city’s top In everj- case under those income— but not beyond. Instead, fans gathered in bars and fraternity houses and talked quietly of their pride io the team and of its stunning accomplishments. The case went' to court and he lost it For a while last winter, Stuttgart taxi drivers refused to ac- cept black soldiers as fares because of a series of armed assaults, said, to have been committed by black Amer- icans. Black soldiers have trouble finding female com- panionship, and bar owners who don't want them picking up girls turn them away by saying ‘this is a club or •we’re full.’" Sergeant Love-Gonzales is one of 3,437 soldiers of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regi- Egypt Bids Arab Nations Send Joint Peace Force to Lebanon CAIRO, March 28 (Reuters)— Egypt called on Arab nations today to intervene in Lebanon by sending “joint Arab symbolic peace-keeping forces until the fighting subsidies and a proper atmosphere is created to end” the civil war there. Faultless Lee Trevino Pro 11-Pc- Golf Set 3 laminated woods, 8 power forged irons.

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