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An anonymous portrait from antiquity can be a very valuable object, but if it happens to be a portrait of a famous individual—an ancient emperor, for example—then its value can increase twenty-five fold.

Something valued at tens of thousands of dollars may then be worth hundreds of thousands.

Iedere chef & sommelier is verantwoordelijk voor 1 gang.

Zondag 18 september: [uitverkocht] Richard van Oostenbrugge, Bord´eau** Eric van Loo, restaurant Parkheuvel** Sidney Schutte, Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam** Michel van der Kroft, restaurant ’t Nonnetje** Hans van Wolde, Beluga** Maik Kuijpers, De Librije*** Maandag 19 september: [uitverkocht] Edwin Vinke, De Kromme Watergang** Gert de Mangeleer, Hertog Jan*** Jarno Eggen, De Groene Lantaarn** Maik Kuijpers, De Librije*** Dick Middelweerd, Treeswijkhoeve** Tim Raue, Tim Raue** De kosten voor deze geheel verzorgde lunch bedragen 200 euro per persoon.

Speciaal voor de gastronomische liefhebbers ontwikkelen wij in Restaurant De Librije, in samenwerking met wijnleveranciers, bijzondere wijn- en spijscombinaties.

Because of some recent controversies surrounding antiquities, most archeologists, curators, and scholars will rarely identify or evaluate objects for private individuals.If an object’s excavation and discovery history are known then that can provide further information on dating; i.e., certain dig sites or strata have certain dates associated with them.More recently, scientific testing has provided additional tools in the dating process.Our researchers work closely on all aspects of investigating a claim, ensuring that we are aware of individual details and the larger picture and connections at every step of the process.Part of the process of identification is the authentication of an object.

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