How to take dating slow

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This is a evolutionary programmed response from women; it is, for the most part, out of their control.

Most women are highly attuned to the fact they will get attached after sex, so in an effort to leave their options open and spare themselves the potentially devastating experience of becoming attached to a guy who then loses interest, they will want to take it slow.

You may worry that if you go too fast for her and she has to tell you to slow down, she will be turned off and you will have missed your chance. If you are needy and pushy, she will be turned off, but that is due to your attitude and behavior not due to you wanting more intimacy.

That last point is important: being needy and pushy is not a good strategy.

Do not confuse being pushy if she turns down an escalation attempt as being aggressive. This is why you must show interest in them not just on an emotional level, but also a sexual level, as both of those are critical components of a relationship.

Another problem with taking it slow is just the sheer time.

Besides taking advantage of the natural response in women to sex, escalating aggressively is often a turn on.

I missed out on probably dozens of women I would have dated because I "took it slow".

I am writing this article to implore you as men not to make this mistake.

Women are unlikely to be turned off if you touch them, make strong eye contact, kiss them, etc.

If she is uncomfortable, she will simply tell you so or indicate such and then you stop with the escalation.

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