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During the investigation, Fields will be assigned to perform administrative duties rather than work on cases.In hundreds of text messages provided to the Times Free Press, a texter who identifies himself as Fields and provides both Fields' work and personal email accounts confides in, flatters and flirts with the woman."This is one of the most egregious instances of misconduct I have seen," said Mc Cracken Poston, an attorney representing the woman."The fact that a victim of a series of rapes and beatings has to deal with the added insult of the abuse from the detective on the rape case is outrageous." The police department opened an internal affairs investigation into the allegations Thursday, Chief of Staff David Roddy said.This is not the first time Fields has faced allegations about unethical or shoddy police work.Since 2012, defense attorneys have accused Fields of coaching witnesses to lie during a murder trial, losing audio recordings of witness interviews and failing to collect and test all the evidence at the scene of an attempted murder."Once we start the internal affairs investigation, everything locks down at that point," he said.

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