Difference between accommodating and compromising dating night ideas

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There are also non-violent methods of dealing with conflict, which are more common in our daily lives.The five main approaches that we will discuss here are Competing, Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, and Collaborating.The competitor has a high concern for his/her personal goals and a very low concern for the relationship with the other person.Avoiding The avoiding approach can be summed up in the statement: “Conflict? ” The avoider employs strategies of fleeing, denying, ignoring, withdrawing, delaying, and wishing only to hope and pray.

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Compromising The compromising approach can be summarized with the phrase: “I’ll back off if you do the same.” The compromiser uses strategies such as bargaining, reducing expectations, dividing desired achievements so everyone gets something, and splitting the difference.

Avoiders prefer to be with other people who will avoid issues as well.

They refuse to dialogue or gather information to help deal with conflict.

Some characteristics of the compromiser are cautious but open, and s/he urges others not to be too open or outspoken.

The compromiser has found a mid-way balance between concern for the relationship and meeting personal goals.

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