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If anyone gets hurt in this equation, I really hope it’s Rory Farquharson.

I also worry about how mortified Malia will be when she's my age and every guy she's ever dated has been dissected by strangers on the Internet.

This kid is a walking embodiment of white privilege.

Sure, Malia's parents are also a bit successful or whatever but we know their values. I doubt she’s thinking about settling down with “a total Steff” (that reference was brought to you by Elaine Lui). This guy is probably just the first of a long line of douches Malia will be kissing during her college years.

This is what I wanted for her but these photos of Malia and her college crush make me worry. It's because she's dating a kid who seems like he's a Grade A douchebag.

Rory the Rugby Player will hopefully be a footnote in Malia’s dating history that she’ll laugh about with her girlfriends but as her Auntie, I don’t want Malia to experience anything other than happiness and joy.Months later, there was speculation she was dating rapper Nas after the two appeared in a picture together on her Instagram account.30-year-old Korean actress, Oh Yeon Seo has always been buzzed about lately.Kim Bum’s agency, Celltrion Entertainment said that the couple are just beginning their romantic relationship.And honestly, can you think of a more good-looking couple?

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