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The dots follow two typologies: the one in the central lozenge is much more deeply carved than the others which form an ideal cross.A sixth dot is less profoundly incised than the others and is placed at the end of a motif located in the lower register.In the next paragraphs I will present some epigraphic observations on the signs of the Gradešnica little tray and then I will apply on them a matrix of semiotic markers and rules in order to evaluate the – I employ the term "Danube signs"/"Danube script" as general allocution for the form of literacy which flourished in Neo-Eneolithic times in the great Danube basin (Danube civilization) and "Vinča signs"/"Vinča script" strictly limited to the Vinča culture which developed in the central area of it.This terminology is coherent with the challenge to demonstrate that the "early civilization" status can no longer limit itself to the regions which have long attracted scholarly attention (i.e.A pregnant anthropomorph Regarding the outside of the artifact, I present a montage showing also the lips (Fig. One can recognize at one look a human-like stylized figure fixed in a ritual posture with arms raised, surrounded by numbers of triangular, V-shaped and meandering motifs. In fact, as we will discuss below, the starting sign for decoding the message is the focal point of the anthropomorph: i.e. The stylized figurine is positioned prominently on the platter.the deep dot placed inside the central lozenge which depicts the torso (). Besides it is in high-relief and its outline is much more deeply incised compared to the surrounding signs.

The starting sign for interpreting the message is also the focus of the figurine as well as of the object: the deep point inserted inside the body-lozenge.) Another problem involves the outline of the signs: which are actually the marks incised on the Bulgarian artifact?Few badly-taken, developed and reproduced photos of them have been published.Therefore the context of the Gradešnica evidence is religious although there is not an adequate amount of information to discuss if the mentioned occurrences (the place, the location, the assemblage, and the marks) formulate a symbolic system employing signs of literacy.For example only a protein residue analysis would tell us what the platterwas used for (to display/offer sacred liquid or oil, for example?

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