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About Hiroki Niizato Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad.

He has been practicing astrology professionally since 2001.

In astrology Pluto symbolizes depth, transformation and empowerment.

Pluto’s location in your natal chart can represent an entrance into the unconscious, where repressed psychic materials (the Jungian shadow) are stored.

Venus represents relationships and aesthetic needs. Its placement in your horoscope suggests in order to be socially effective.

An aspect between Venus and Pluto (especially conjunction, square or opposition) brings these two archetypes together.

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The initial response for a Venus Pluto person might be to by refusing to acknowledge the existence of psychic wounds, perhaps projecting them onto their partner (as in “Why do I always attract partners with so many emotional issues? A wiser, more courageous response is to embrace your painful feelings as they come up, trusting in your ability to choose the right partner to go through these kinds of healing crises with.

Pluto Venus aspect suggests a capacity to love and connect on a deep level.

It also suggests a potential for experiencing great deal of hurt There are, however, other expressions of Venus Pluto aspect that are not as emotionally oriented.

When you’re able to share what you’re feeling honestly without blaming yourself or your partner, you’re expressing the positive potential of the Venus-Pluto aspect.

HEALING AND TRANSFORMATIONAL POTENTIAL IN RELATIONSHIPSWhether you have a natal or transit Pluto-Venus contact, the Plutonian process of healing and transformation within relationships may awaken intense fears, compulsion or rage.

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