Dating for two months no sex

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You may find yourselves saying, “eh, no big deal, we can just do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and you say, “eh, no big deal, we can just do it tomorrow.” And so on and so on. It’s really fun to taunt each other in these playful ways, and it will bring that sense of urgency roaring back into the bedroom.

What To Do About It: The solution here is to create artificial obstacles to bring some excitement back into your sex life. Why It Happens: Moving in together is awesome because you get to see your partner so much more frequently.

What To Do About It: For this issue, the solution is to communicate and give it time.

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Unfortunately, this can very quickly turn to seeing your partner too much. It can start to feel more like you’re hanging out around each other rather than genuinely connecting with each other.

and then you have to adjust to the realities of living together.

One person keeps “forgetting” to pay their share of household expenses. All of a sudden, moving in together doesn’t feel quite so sexy anymore.

You have to pick certain nights of the week that work for both of your schedules.

You haven’t seen each other on a week, and you’re dying to rip your partner’s clothes off.

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