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At about fourteen years the astral body incarnates as puberty comes about.

Finally, at 21 years, the I, or ego, the divine selfhood incarnates.

Without such knowledge, we cannot fulfill our potential as fully spiritual beings.

Steiner’s visions gave him insights into all areas of human life, including farming (biodynamics), art, dance, diet, architecture, biology, history, geology, finance, and, crucially for us here, medicine and education. In order to understand Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science, we need to understand the core and basic concepts of Steiner’s world view.

At the heart of Anthroposophy is the belief that humans are composite beings made up of our bodies and a number of spiritual entities that can be reincarnated.

Our spirits enter into bodies each lifetime in several stages as we grow. This coincides with the appearance of adult teeth and gives “strength to learn”.

We can view Steiner Schools not as educational establishments, but as places of spiritual midwifery.

In time, however, blondness will disappear because the human race is becoming weaker.

In the end, only brown- and black-haired people will be able to survive if nothing is done to keep them from being bound to matter.

The stronger the body’s forces, the weaker the soul’s.

When fair people become extinct, the human race will face the danger of becoming dense if a spiritual science like Anthroposophy is not accepted.

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