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Not only is he a gentleman, he is equally a jolly good fellow. When I was in the university, I was working with my uncle, and I did a lot of network marketing for products like Forever Living, Swiss Guide, etc. As long as you know what you are going there for, why not? After the show, there was news that you were dating Maria from Namibia, are you still together? What can you say about the movie industry in Nigeria?

As the intact character, he has 5 arms to be shortened. He was the runner-up in Gulder Ultimate Search and also a runner-up in the Mr. So, when I started serving, I realized that I had time. So, a big part of modelling has to do with acting as well. I was given a script and asked to memorise it, which I did and the producer was very happy with me. I got calls and recommendations and commendations for that movie. I came second, I still continued and went for Big Brother. All that, however, was before he participated in Big Brother Africa Season 8. Do you do anything else aside modelling and acting? You'll love the convenient location as it is just minutes to shopping in Silverdale and the bases.It features vaulted ceilings, cozy gas fireplaces, large picture windows, spacious new composite deck and updated kitchen and baths with maple cabinetry.

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    The fact that our chat room software works on your phone, it makes it exciting to login while you're on the go and see who's new and looking to communicate!

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