Dating calico fabric

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Our range of crepe Fabric is an excellent choice for evening wear, should you want to create a garment with a heavier drape and beautiful lines.

Many of our clients are dressmakers or fashion designers who hope to emulate the most popular looks from the runways of Paris and Milan at a more reasonable cost for their clients, which is why we work hard to ensure that all of our Dressmaking Fabrics are competitively priced and that our range includes the most up to date ranges in a variety of colours to ensure that you and your clients remain bang on trend.

Calico fabrics are usually woven in the gray state— in the natural colour of the raw cotton staple.

A considerable amount of calico is bleached, dyed, and printed for every conceivable household use and for articles of clothing.

You will also love our selection of chiffon such as cationic chiffon and our beautiful but affordable range of economy chiffon.

Our stunning organza, corded lace, satin back crepe, silk, corded lace and dress nets will be everything you need to dress your entire bridal party, making your wedding day one you will never forget.

When the sun is shining add a touch of summer to your outfits with our summer Fabrics such as our stunning cotton poplin, linen and gingham, all ideal for creating your dresses and tops.

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With the same thickness and texture as boiled wool Buy Fabric such as a Melton which is a lovely choice for colder weather.Sold in a width of 150cm, this Fabric is perfect for your winter coats and jackets.A personal favourite of our Fabrics Online is the double knit jersey which is perfect for daytime wear but is also suitable for creating stunning evening wear so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your christmas parties in a show stopping outfit - without suffering Jack Frosts pinch!Calico fabrics include an infinite variety of textures and qualities according to the different uses for which they are intended, ranging from fairly fine and sheer to those of coarser and stronger textures.Here at Calico Laine we are passionate about providing high quality, affordable Fabrics to suit all specifications.

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