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There are events at numerous different locations from Marche Bonsecours, to seminars at JMSB, to the firm’s offices themselves.

You will likely be travelling all over the city during this exciting month.

And Tuesday evening, we are excited to showcase Waterloo Region's German heritage at Oktoberfest Night to be held at the Concordia Club.

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When you look at the directory please click on the box called “Training employers only”.An outstanding three full days of programming is being designed to meet the professional development needs of employers, co-op practitioners and career educators. We invite you to share your new success stories and innovations. Interested co-op practitioners, career educators, employers, academics, researchers and industry partners are invited to submit their presentation proposals for conference presentation sessions. Suggested presentation themes are: For more information and to register please access here: 1. On May 16, 2011, the Act to create the Ordre des CPA came into effect and unified the Ordre des CA, the Ordre de CGA and the Ordre des CMA.CACEE Form Deadline: Wednesday, September 18 at p.m.

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