Dating but in touch with ex dating friends other women online

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Yes, you’re allowed to stick it up his romantic ass!

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If your new boyfriend is good friends with his ex and frequently contacts her, you definitely have reason to worry. But if he gets to know that she’s dating someone new and turns into an uncontrollable whining boy, he’s obvious pissed off that she’s doing the deed with someone new.If your boyfriend’s browser history shows that he’s been visiting his ex’s facebook or twitter account or her blog often, he’s definitely not over his ex. Checking up on an ex once a week is barely acceptable, but if he’s been frequenting his ex’s pages more often than that, you need to have that talk with him. The next time you walk hand in hand with your boyfriend and bump into his ex, watch how he behaves.Does he let go of your hand immediately, or does he get flustered or mumble like an awkward prepubescent child? Well, unless they’ve become sexless after a long boring relationship.#5 He gets annoyed when he hears that she’s dating someone new. If he’s truly happy with you and has overpowered any strings of residual love, he shouldn’t be bothered if she dates someone else.[Read: 12 signs he really is the one for you] #6 He’s her Man Friday.

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