Dating anna kagan

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Dr Eastaugh, an expert on the history of art materials and pigments, detected titanium white – manufactured since the 1910s, but not available to artists until decades later. Freed in 2015, he now holds exhibitions of his own “genuine fakes”.

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It was only after careful restoration that museums and Da Vinci scholars hailed the portrait as a prodigal son returning to the Old Master’s fold.

In 2011, Knoedler & Co, one of the oldest galleries in North America, was forced to close its doors after a scandal, involving alleged works by Abstract Expressionists, including Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

The forgeries were good enough to fool Domenico de Sole, chairman of Sotheby’s, into buying one of the faux Rothkos.

Fortunately, art scholars, scientists and IT specialists are coming together to protect genuine art works and catch fraudsters.

In November last year, a rediscovered painting by Leonardo da Vinci – fewer than 20 of which survive – set a new record at auction.

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