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I want to share what I did differently in choosing my husband, and what has helped my clients keep their heart, head and soul in agreement where love is concerned.

Here are three questions to ask yourself that will tell you the difference between physical attraction and a soulmate connection.

After finally separating myself, I knew that I could not afford to make the same mistake again and get involved in a relationship that lacked substance and a real chance of having love.

Fast forward to now, I am married to a wonderful man and we share a loving, devoted and fulfilling relationship.

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Identify what qualities you feel are necessary for a healthy relationship.

Her areas of specialty are building self esteem, body image and self love, transforming relationship dynamics, and the I Love My Body 12-Week Program that transforms your relationship with food, exercise and most importantly with yourself to release weight naturally.

When I was much younger and entering into my romantic life I went through my first heart break.

The relationship was—for the most part—based on physical attraction.

After a few weeks of online dating with a serious relationship as my end goal, I have come up with a few observations and questions.

1) I feel that there is a distinction between physical and mental/emotional chemistry between two people.

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