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The Brisbane dating scene has never seen anything like City Swoon's premier events for singles.Citysoon has sourced Brisbane's best night-spots and venues to bring you a speed dating experience that will entertain and impress.Just a bit too busy and crowded, two of the reasons I left England.Sydney is also the most expensive place in Australia for housing. Many people absolutely love Sydney; they love the crowds, the action and the bustle of the business centre. Sydney can be broken down into five main areas: If you have any question about living in Sydney, please please feel free to ask them in the comments below.Wirra Wirra started phasing out corks ten years ago were wondering “Where have all the corks gone? People used to hoard them for the never completed cork board etc.A bit of Googling discovered some bizarre examples of cork art which got them thinking…

Another favourite beach, this one on the north side of Sydney which can be easily accessed with a short ferry ride, is Manly.

They decided to create their own massive Work of Art – Wirra Wirra has a history of doing unusual things that don’t always fit the stereotype…

So they put a call out for old corks and discovered that the Girl Guides collect and recycle them to raise funds, but this revenue has been hit by all the screwcaps.

I’ll be arriving soon to start work at USyd, and I’ll be making a touch over k p.a. Do Sydneysiders have any tips for decent burbs around the uni?

I’m looking for interesting neighborhoods where young professionals live, and my range is 0-550ish p.w. My vibe is more cafes and galleries than nightclubs.

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