Dating a pregnant girl

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If he runs, you've saved yourself from wasting your time on him.Be clear about what it is you want If it's a relationship you're after, don't entertain dating men you know play around or who have indicated in an online profile that they aren't interested in anything serious.

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Single mums-to-be are hoping to find companionship (51%), romance (45%) and a life partner (40%) over sex (18%) or finding a father figure for their child (18%).Think about whether going on a date is what you really want to do, or if that gap would be better filled by friends and family.Do your research There's no law against checking out your dates on social media.Sasha Miller, International Managing Editor of Baby Centre comments: ' I don't think we should be surprised to see that some single mums-to-be choose to go on dates while they are pregnant.Ideas about pregnant women dating may be slow to evolve but the whole attitude to dating has changed enormously in recent years.

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