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In the first scene of this episode, Jerry comments George about the button on his shirt.

I don't recommend divorce in general, but you know, he is my best friend and we've both grown and changed and I think we both appreciate each other more. I do." Arquette did, however, spill the beans on Van Holt and his ex-wife in 2010 to Howard Stern on his radio show.

This also discounts the fact that Kramer has sublet the apartment from Paul Buchman from Mad About You in an episode of that series that aired after "The Virgin." I suppose that Buchman could have sublet the apartment to someone named Kessler before Kramer had moved in.

As strange as Kramer can be, perhaps he thought it best to not let anyone know he lived there and never changed the name.

He explained that he confronted Cox about Van Holt but that she invariably denied having an affair."I do believe her," he told Stern.

"I truly don't think she ever had an affair." He did add that, if anything, the two may have formed an "emotional" bond.

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