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A fully funded emergency fund is 3–6 months of your personal expenses set aside in a savings or money market account. A debit card is used just like a credit card; however, the funds come directly out of your checking account. Debit cards can still get you into trouble, though.Research tells us that you spend more when using plastic; you register no emotional pain when you spend with plastic. You get out of debt when you get mad and passionate!This helps you stay focused and motivated to stay on track.By paying off the smaller debts first, you will see quick results and have more income available to fight debt. That’s because until you free your income from being spent on payments, you cannot fully use the power of investing.In this case, list the higher interest rate debt first.

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That way, it’s still there when you want it, regardless of how the stock markets are performing that day.Here’s how it works: list your debts in descending order with the smallest payoff or balance first.Do not worry about interest rates or terms unless two debts have similar payoffs.Do it on paper, on purpose, before the month begins—and include your spouse!Then you’ll have a game plan, and you’ll start to understand what Dave means when he talks about having Financial Peace. The debt snowball is the process Dave suggests you use to pay off debt.

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