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The coach desperatelywanted the hot little cheerleader, and he knew he could threatenher with from cheering due to her exaggeratedexhibition on the gym floor.

Within minutes, there was a knock on his door."Come in," he said.

Alexis carefully opened the door and stepped inside."Go ahead and close the door, if you would," he said.

Alexis obeyed, unknowingly locking herself into the officewith the horny coach.

"So you wanted to be assexy as you could, didn't you? " he asked."Sixteen," she answered."Have you ever had sex with a boy? The question surprised her, but she figured she'd be honest."No," Alexis said. But please don'tget me kicked off the squad.""And that's okay," he reassured her.

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As she smiled sweetly, slight dimples formed in hercheeks.

"I'll give you a pass for being late to your nextclass.""Sure, I guess so, Coach Johnson," Alexis replied."Just come by in a few minutes, then," he told her, as heturned and walked to his office, next to the boys' locker room.

As he walked into his office, he took great care to close theblinds on the windows facing the hallway, and pushing in thebutton on the inside of his office door so it would lock whenclosed. His cock wasalready getting hard with anticipation.

Alexis wore a royal blue button-down V-necked sleevelessshell top with two thin white stripes across the shoulders anddown the sides.

The white letters "LIONS" arched across herchest, pushed outward by her B-cup breasts.

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