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Just as importantly, you'll see that every role needed to achieve the team's goal is being performed fully and well.But often, despite clear roles and responsibilities, a team will fall short of its full potential.How often does this happen in the teams you work with?Perhaps some team members don't complete what you expect them to do.e Harmony is so popular that it has been featured on ABC news , Good Morning America , New York times and many other places .As a new member you can sign up with e by creating your profile .If team members have similar team-work strengths, they may tend to compete (rather than cooperate) for the team tasks and responsibilities that best suit their natural styles.Knowing this, you can use the model with your team to help ensure that necessary team roles are covered, and that potential behavioral tensions or weaknesses among the team member are addressed.

Each team role is associated with typical behavioral and interpersonal strengths.

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When a team is performing at its best, you'll usually find that each team member has clear responsibilities.

They are very concerned with deadlines and will push the team to make sure the job is completed on time.

They are described as perfectionists who are orderly, conscientious and anxious.

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